The Case For Christ

The Case For Christ

 - Examine The Evidence

Why Christianity?

Christianity isn’t about religion – it’s about a relationship… A true love relationship with God! It’s all about trusting in Jesus and what He did on the cross for you (1 Corinthians 15:1-4), not on what you can do for yourself (Ephesians 2:8-9). Here’s what it’s not... Christianity has nothing to do with flamboyant television personalities, ornate buildings, powerful institutions, or traditional rituals. Christianity is about truly accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Check out true Christianity here…

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  • Edgar Cayce Prophecy: The prophecies of Cayce and his legacy of major predictive failure. Check out the record for yourself.
  • Vatican Holy See: A look at the theological beliefs of the Vatican and how institutionalized Christianity sometimes varies from its origin.
  • Jesus Seminar Faults: What are the presuppositions of this movement? What are the issues with their academic methods?
  • Watch Tower Witnesses: What is the Watchtower doctrine? How is it different from Bible-based Christianity?
  • Deceptive Theology: Why have so many religious movements sprung up in the name of Jesus over the last couple of centuries?
  • Start Of Religion: How do religious movements start? What types of cultural factors are present?
  • Mormons and Christianity: How does LDS doctrine differ from Bible-based Christian doctrine? Why does it matter?
  • Is Faith Healing Biblical : A look at the biblical foundation for healings in Christ's name. What's happening today?
  • Fundamental Christianity: What's at the core of Bible-based Christianity? It's about historical events, not just religious faith.
  • History Of Buddhism: Buddhism. What's the background of this major world religion? How did it all begin?
  • The Unity School of Christianity: Are you searching for value and meaning in life? Are you confused with life? Discover why you are on Earth today.
  • Early Church History: The beginning of Christianity isn't just the 1st century AD, but goes back to the ancient Jewish Scriptures.
  • Catholic Clergy: What are the structural statistics surrounding the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church?
  • After Life: What's the biblical truth about the afterlife? What's the biblical basis for eternity?
  • Liberal Christianity: Pluralism and compromise are abundant in the Christian church today. Check it out for yourself.
  • Mother Mary: The virgin birth was indeed a core miracle of the Christian faith, but Mary wasn't holy herself.
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary: What's the biblical background of Mary and how has tradition added to that?
  • New Age Movement: What's at the core of this new form of spirituality? Is there a common doctrine?
  • Pope John Paul 2: The life and legacy of the current Pope. A look at the Popes of history.
  • Law Of Karma: Are we on a wild ride of physical life cycles or do we die once and then face eternity?
  • Freemasonry Secrets : What's the foundation of freemasonry and its structure? Is it a religion?
  • Christian Scientist Cult: Christian Science is an aberant movement that redefines the person and nature of Jesus Christ.
  • Origins Of The Church: The history of the Christian church isn't about the origin of an institution, it's about Jesus.
  • What Is Transcendental Meditation: What's the history of this movement? Is it religious expression or new age spirituality?
  • The Body Of Christ: The Christian church is called the Body of Christ in the Bible. It's not a religious institution.
  • The Gnostic Gospels: What should we make of these “new” gospel accounts of Jesus and the early church? Are they biblical?
  • Origin Of Islamic Religion: Who was Muhammad and what role did he play in Islam’s controversial beginning? How does Islam compare to Judaism.
  • Astral Projections: There are several ways people perceive this kind of experience, including dreams and memories. What is the truth?
  • Messianic Jews For Jesus: Many people think all Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah. You might be surprised.
  • Ancient History Of Christianity: What are some of the foundational events of Christianity? What's the real basis for this world religion?
  • Crystal Healing Information: An ancient practice using amulets, magical stones, and gems. Why should we proceed with caution?
  • Genuine Christianity: The foundational truth of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ, not any kind of organized religion.
  • Angel Visits: Do these spiritual creatures really exist today? What's the myth and what's the truth?
  • Energy And Vibrations: A new age handbook of sorts that helps practioners understand the role of energy and vibrations.
  • The Life Of Polycarp: A brief biographical sketch of this church father. The story of his life and faith.
  • Differences In Doctrine: Why do we have so many theological variations in Christianity today? Take a look.

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